Phil Stacey Releases New Worship Anthem ‘Let It Be Me’

Nashville, TN

Phil Stacey, season 6 finalist on American Idol and lauded singer/songwriter and worship leader, has released an inspirational new worship anthem, “Let It Be Me,” focusing on personal worship. The song is available now on all streaming/digital platforms.

The song was written after a very personal experience Stacey had. Phil states: “I was at the Gateway Church Worship Conference in the fall of 2019. It’s easy for me to get caught up in observing rather than participating when I’m not the one leading worship, I’m analyzing everything. I remember looking around the room and seeing people with their hands stretched high, others with tears streaming down their cheeks, and still others on their knees with their faces to the ground. Suddenly it hit me. God is in this room. He’s touching hearts. Changing lives. And I’m ignoring him.” 

The moment convicted the preacher’s kid. Continuing, Phil says “Why did I think I should be the exception to our corporate worship? Why was I willing to miss out on an opportunity to bring him glory? I lifted my hands and began to sing and immediately God’s presence surrounded me in such a powerful way.” 

Later that evening, upon returning to his hotel room, Stacey could not shake the moment. “I pulled out my journal and began writing, “If there’s one voice being raised, If there’s one heart lifting praise, bringing glory to your name, let it be me.” It was a song of repentance,” says Phil. “I realized maybe for the first time that I shouldn’t need a special song or moment to enter into corporate worship. All I should need is an opportunity.” 

A few weeks later, Stacey debuted the songs at his church’s fall revival. Very soon, Stacey realized this was not just a song for him, but for all Christians. “When I hit the line, “Let it be me,” our whole congregation began to cheer,” relays Phil. “Before the end of the song, the atmosphere in our sanctuary was just like what I’d experienced at Gateway. ” 

Stacey says the mission of this song is simple, commenting. “This song seeks to connect the hearts of believers with our responsibility in corporate worship and to remind us what a joy and honor it is to join in chorus as we lift high the name of the Lord.” 

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