I am Kwame!

My wife and I just returned from a phenomenal trip to Ghana, Africa. It’s just so wonderful to see the amazing things that God is doing around the world!. I had the opportunity to visit several radio stations, churches, and various villages where our organization, Reach Beyond, is building water wells, bringing medical assistance, and sharing the word of God. 

During our stay, I met one man in particular who inspired me in so many ways. His name is Kwame. 

Kwame was the son of a fetish priest. Most Americans would just refer to him as a witch doctor. Many years ago, a missionary couple, Mark and Peggy Jones from Minnesota, moved to his village to learn their language and translate the Bible for them. Most of the schools in the area were missionary sponsored, but because most of the families could not afford to send their kids to school, the Christian population was very low. 

Though Kwame was quite the handful, Mark took to him and offered to pay for his education. His father allowed it, and before long, Kwame understood the message of the Gospel and asked Jesus into his heart. His whole life changed. His motivation to help translate the Bible soared. Even his witch doctor father supported him by not giving him meat sacrificed to idols - he would actually find meat outside of their village to prepare special - just for his son.  

By the time Kwame finished University, the missionary had passed away and his wife had moved back to the states. Not wanting his mission to die with him, Kwame took it upon himself to complete the translation of the New Testament in his own native language. But he didn’t stop there. 

Realizing that most people in those villages where he lived were illiterate, he realized that they needed a way to actually hear the word of God - so he built a radio station that broadcasts for miles and miles - preaching and teaching the word of God, and occasionally covering sports as well. As Kwame says, if you want to be a fisher of men, you need a net. 

And then, seeing the desperate need for clean water around those communities, Kwame built a water bottling facility, where he not only meets the need for clean water, but also pours into the local economy by providing jobs for many workers. He also produces bags of water that can be purchased for pennies and sold on the streets by others within their community, providing a livelihood for many people who would otherwise be out of work. 

And as of today, nearly 70% of the population around where he grew up confesses Jesus as Lord of their lives. 

Kwame says the radio and water bottling is just his hobby. His real mission is to continue translating the word of God for other village areas around Africa. He has already translated the New Testament in NINE other languages and is currently working on the Old Testament in his own. 

Matthew, Mark and Luke all tell us of the parable of the seeds (Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, and Luke 8:1-15 respectively.) The thing that touched me the most is that Kwame made a choice to be good soil. When Mark Jones came to town, he could have done what others did and ignore him, avoid him, or just stay at an arm’s length. But instead, the seed that Mark sowed into Kwames life has now produced incredible fruit. I know Mark is celebrating his many accomplishments with that great cloud of witnesses (Hebrews 12:1). I don’t know about you, but that inspires me. And I am more determined than ever to be good soil!

Here is Kwame


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    John D.

    I think Kendra knows what’s been going on.

    I think Kendra knows what’s been going on.

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